Linked Services

Linked Services allows each Resource to specify the Services for which they can be booked. By default a Resource is able to be booked for all services within the Business Location, however, if Linked Services are added to the Resource, then all others Services become disabled.

Linking a Service

Services can be linked to a resource via the Setup API Interface using the a POST request. To link a Service the only parameter you will need is the Resource. In the body pass an array of strings with the services' IDs that you want to link to a Resource.

curl -X POST 
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json' 
  --header 'Accept: application/json' 
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer {AUTH_TOKEN}' 
  -d '["116572", "116574", "116577"]
POST /setup/v1/resources/{RESOURCE_ID}/services HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {AUTH_TOKEN}
Accept: */*
Cache-Control: no-cache
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Content-Length: 102
Cookie: ARRAffinity={RANDOM_STRING}
Connection: keep-alive
cache-control: no-cache

["116572", "116572", "116572"]
var request = require("request");

var options = { method: 'POST',
  url: '{RESOURCE_ID}/services',
   { 'cache-control': 'no-cache',
     Connection: 'keep-alive',
     Cookie: 'ARRAffinity={RANDOM_STRING}}',
     'Content-Length': '102',
     'Accept-Encoding': 'gzip, deflate',
     Host: '',
     'Cache-Control': 'no-cache',
     Accept: '*/*',
     Authorization: 'Bearer {AUTH_TOKEN}',
     'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
  body: ["116572", "116572", "116572"],
  json: true };

request(options, function (error, response, body) {
  if (error) throw new Error(error);

var settings = {
  "async": true,
  "crossDomain": true,
  "url": "{RESOURCE_ID/services",
  "method": "POST",
  "headers": {
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Accept": "*/*",
    "Cache-Control": "no-cache",
    "Host": "",
    "Accept-Encoding": "gzip, deflate",
    "Content-Length": "102",
    "Cookie": "ARRAffinity={RANDOM_STRING}",
    "Connection": "keep-alive",
    "cache-control": "no-cache"
  "processData": false,
  "data": "["116572", "116572", "116572"]"

$.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {

You can also link a Service from the PUT /resources endpoint in the Setup API Interface However, the previous approach is recommended because the performance penalty is lower.
To updated the linked services, call PUT resources/{RESOURCE_ID) updating the "serviceIds" property with an array containing the Ids of the services you want to link as the following:

  "serviceIds": [

Retrieving Possible Resources

Once you have linked your resources to their respective applicable services, you can retrieve all of the resources that can be booked for a specific service in the Setup API Interface by calling the endpoint: GET /setup/v1/services/{service_id}/resources.

The results from this query will return all of the resource objects that are linked to the service specified in the request URL.

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