Elements are created with parameters and options. Parameters specify the id's that the API endpoints take in. Not all elements have options yet. In the future, you will be able to specify options for such things as color schemes.

When an element is mounted, the API calls are fired and the UI is rendered. Elements can be updated if you change the parameters and options. e.g. availability.update(params, options); You may wish to defer the mounting of an element until you receive required data from events.

Elements receive events that allow you to create booking flows. Events pass relevant detail for you to consume. For example, when a list element is clicked on, or data from the API is loaded, an event will be sent to the element.

Consumer VS Setup

OnSched.js Elements are broken into 2 categories, Consumer Elements, and Setup Elements. Consumer Elements include all actions that are required by the consumer who is booking, Setup Elements include all actions that are required for initial setup and ongoing calendar management. Categories include but are not limited to the following elements:

Consumer Elements

Setup Elements

List of Locations

Location Setup

List of Resources

Resource Setup

List of Services

Service Setup


Appointment Search

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