Weekly Calendar Availability

Upon creation of each Business Location, a new Calendar is created. By Default, Calendar availability will mirror that of the Business Location availability, should you require multiple Calendar's within 1 Business Location you may alter the availability of each Calendar to align with your workflow. For more information about how availability results are returned please see Availability Factoring.

Calendar Blocked Dates & Times

Calendar blocked dates & times are used to temporarily block your entire Calendar's availability, by using a Calendar block it will restrict booking for all Resources and Services. Calendar blocks can be also be used on a recurring basis for s specified period of time, such as a Company retreat where times for all employees need to be blocked temporarily.


Use Case: Multiple Calendars

Using more than one Calendar at 1 Business Location is a unique requirement, should you have multiple teams this can be accomplished with Resource Groups, however, if one of your teams does not require online booking and you wish to keep them separated then a second Calendar can be used to meet these needs.


Multi-Calendar Service Linking

Each service must be linked to a single Calendar in order to be used in Online Booking or within the OnSched Portal. In the case where you require more than one Calendar per Business Location, please be sure to link your services to their respective Calendars.

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