Custom Booking Fields

In addition to the default booking fields, ie: Name, Email, Phone, our Custom Booking Fields allow you to request additional data pertinent to your business. This info can be entered as values, ie: string, decimals, boolean or they can be used as qualifying questions which invoke a dropdown selection. These are configured by you and are then included on the booking page. Custom Fields are attached to the appointment, which means that the information will be tied to the appointment rather than the customer record. For information on Custom Fields that are attached to the customer profile, please see Customer Custom Fields.

Create custom booking fields within the OnSched Portal. Customize your field types the way you want them (i.e. Text entry, Dropdown, Date selection, etc.) and add them to the services for which you would like to collect responses.

Collect responses to the custom fields on the booking page, these responses will then be attached to the Appointment within the OnSched Portal. For custom fields that attach to the Customer Profile please see Customer Custom Fields

Notify your team as soon as an appointment is booked. The responses to all custom fields will be readily available within the OnSched Portal, in the resource email notification, and in the notes section of the event on your synchronized calendar.


Create Custom Fields in the OnSched Portal

Custom Fields can be created within the OnSched Portal at the Business level or the Company level. Custom fields created at the Business level are unique to that location, if created at the Company level they with apply to all locations within the Company.

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