Customer SMS

OnSched supports SMS notifications to both Resources and Customers, provided by Twilio.

In order to send SMS notifications to Customers you must explicitly permit each Customer to receive SMS messages by updating their notification type to allow for both Email and SMS within the booking flow.


Permitting SMS messages in the OnSched.js Availability Element can be done by including the following parameter to the availabilityParams object:

const availabilityParams = {
  customerSMS: true

The above OnSched.js Availability Element option will include an additional checkbox on the booking page that requires Customers to opt in to SMS before they can receive text message notifications.

The following is a screenshot of the additional checkbox within the OnSched.js Availability Element booking popup form:


In order to accomplish the above within your own custom booking flow, you must first capture and search for the Customer record, before completing the booking.

Once you have found an existing Customer record, or created a new one, the Customer notificationType property must have a value of 2 or 3 (0 = None, 1 = Email, 2 = SMS, 3 = Email & SMS).

After creating, or updating, the Customer record to ensure that their notification settings are applied, you may then book the appointment using the Customer ID instead of name and email properties when making a PUT request to book the appointment.

Customizing the SMS templates

Currently SMS templates can only be updated in the OnSched Admin Portal ( If you do not have access to this Portal, you may also send the SMS template updates to [email protected] in order for us to update the templates on your behalf.