Glossary of Terms

Allocation(s)An Allocation is an event that is created to open availability for a Service with a type of Event.
Appointment(s)An appointment is a type of Service that is available for the given duration in daily time slots for all days that fit the Locations, Resources, and Services weekly availability.
Appointment StatusAn Appointment Status defines what actions are automated for each Appointment, the following is a list of all Appointment Status' and their respective actions:

- Initial (IN): An Appointment in Initial Status will lock the available time for a configurable amount of time
Business LevelThe Business Level refers to the current selected location, as opposed to global settings and Services set at the Company Level
CompanyThe highest level in the hierarchy of assets within the OnSched architecture. Within a company you may have as many Regions and Locations as you need to accommodate the structure of your business model.
Company LevelThe Company Level refers to the Primary Location, as opposed to settings and Services set or created at the Business Level
Consumer API InterfaceThe Consumer API Interface is where all of the endpoints that deal directly with end user booking requirements. For example, in the Consumer API Interface you can make GET requests to fetch Locations, Services and Resources in order to allow the user to make selections of each and then be given availability options.
EventAn Event is a type of Service that needs to have event Allocations added in order to show availability. An event Allocation can be created on a one-off basis, or repeated daily/weekly/monthly. These Allocation also have a booking limit which sets the number of bookings that you would like to allow into this event before it becomes unavailable. Allocations must be created within the weekly availability of the Location Resource and Service. Services with a type of Event will not show any availability until an Allocation is created.
Location(s)The second highest level in the hierarchy of assets, a Location is where an appointment is booked. This could be a physical location, such as Pharmacy or Hair Salon, or an auxiliary Location such as the client or child company of yours. Every Company must have at least one Location
OnSchedJs RecipeA step-by-step walkthrough of the javascript required to configure a particular booking flow using OnSchedJs elements.
Primary LocationThis location will serve as the default for all assets within that are created. This includes Services which can span across all secondary Locations, and settings/notifications that will act as the default for all secondary Locations.
ProductionThe Production environment is the live environment that will store all of your customer and appointment data. Only changes that have been tested in Sandbox will typically be merged to Production.
Region(s)A region is a collection of locations. Similar to Resource Groups this is a way to categorize your locations by physical region or type. Regions are optional and only used to resolve certain use cases.
Resource(s)A Resource is a person (such as a sales representative or pharmacist), place (such as a room or space) or asset (such as a salon chair or desk) that will be booked.
Resource Group(s)A collection of Resources. A Resource Group allows you to categorize your Resources by team or specialty.
Round Robin BookingAllow OnSched to select from all available Resources. When a Round Robin setting is used the Availability response will include a Resource ID in each Available Time object that can be used to create an Appointment. The following values can be provided to the Round Robin parameter:

0 = None
1 = Random
2 = Balanced
SandboxThe Sandbox environment is a place for you to build and test without affecting clients that are live in production.
Service(s)A Service is what is being booked. This includes a name, short description of the service, and its duration settings. There are two types of Services that can be created, a type of Appointment or a type of Event.
Setup API InterfaceThe Setup API Interface is where all of the API endpoints for managing internal settings are located. This includes updating Location, Service, and Resource information, availability and settings.
User(s)An OnSched User or "team member" is someone who has access to the Dashboard for development purposes. Your clients and employees (I.e. Resources) that simply need to keep their availability updated will not need access to the Dashboard to do so. Instead, this can be done within your own application via our Setup API Interface or via the OnSchedJs Resource Setup Element.