Customer Custom Fields

Customer Custom fields are custom fields that attach to the Customer profile rather than the Appointment. This distinction is made with the intention of storing only the information that is relevant to the Customer in the future, while leaving Custom Booking Fields behind.


Use Case: Business Consultants

In the case of a Business Consultancy, there may be a need to ask for such information as the Customer's Company Size, Financial Goals, and Topic of Consultation. In such a workflow you may want to attach both the Company Size and Financial Goals to the Customer Profile by creating those fields as "Customer Custom Fields". However, the Topic of Consultation may only be relevant during the appointment booked, therefore this would be best served as a Custom Booking Field.

Searching Custom Fields

In order to search for Customer Custom Fields, you would search OnSched's database of customers, and view their profiles. While in the case of searching a Custom Booking Field you would search for the appointment booked.

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