Update Weekly Availability

Use this endpoint to Update resource availability. The Id parameter specifies the resource
for which you are updating availability. Availability day entries do not need to be created.
The availbility day entries are created when a resource object is created. They default to
the business hours.

Create an entry for each weekday you wish to update. Days are defined as sun,mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat.
Start and End Times are entered in miltary format. e.g 2230 is 10:30pm.

OnSched API provides support for 24 hour availability. For midnight start of day use 0. For midnight end of day use 2400.

To set a day as unavailable, set both the StartTime and EndTime to 0. If you require times in between specified hours
to be unavailable, use the resource blocks endpoints.

Times entered represent the
timezone of the resource. Resources can belong to any world timezone.

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