Get Available Days

This endpoint will return Day Level Availablility for the range of dates requested in the query. For example if the business is closed, or there is a public holiday this endpoint will return that the "Day is unavailable".

Day Availability is a high level check for Holidays and the Open/Available hours of a location, service and/or resource and should be used to restrict your choices of dates in your app to improve usability.

A serviceId is required. The startDate and endDate are required and are formatted as: YYYY-MM-DD

The locationId is optional, however it is always used and if blank it defaults to the Primary Location for open/closed hours information. It is recommended you always provide the locationId.

A resourceId is optional. If used the available days will be return day availability for the resource specified.

The tzOffset parameter should be used if the appointment requester is in a different timezone than the location or resource.

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