Get Available Days

This endpoint will return Day Level Availability for the range of dates requested. For example, if the business is closed, or there is a public holiday this endpoint will return that the "Day is unavailable".

Day Availability is a high-level check for Holidays and Open/Available hours of a location, service and/or resource and should be used to restrict your choices of days available in your application to improve usability and performance.

A serviceId is required. The startDate and endDate are required and are formatted as: YYYY-MM-DD

The locationId is optional, however if not supplied it defaults to the Primary Business Location for open/closed hours information. It is recommended you always provide the locationId.

A resourceId is optional. If used the available days will be return day availability for the resource specified.

The tzOffset parameter should be used if the appointment requester, the end user, is in a different timezone than the location or resource.

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