Returns a list of available times.

Choose your search criteria carefully. Availability is an expensive call. If you search availability for all resources
then you should only do so for a single date. If you decide to search availability for multiple dates you should only do so
for a specific resource by specifying the optional resourceId parameter.

startTime and endTime are specified as military times e.g. 800 = 8:00am, 2230 = 10:30pm.
You will only see availability within the boundary of your business start and end times.

dayAvailability will return day availablility for the number of days requested from the start date.

firstDayAvailable only works with day availability. If set to true it will look for the first day available within the range specified
by the dayAvailability parameter. The two parameters together can be a clever way to display availability for a week or month.
Tip - pass in the beginning of the week or month, and available times are displayed for the first available date if exists.

You should only specify the duration parameter if you let your customers choose the duration of the appointment. e.g. from a list.

The tz parameter (tzOffset) allows you to pass in the timezone offset for the customer's timezone of choice (eg -240 for EST). Your app should be timezone aware if you
use this option. The requested timezone is specified as an offset(plus or minus) from GMT time.

Availabity can be complex. For further troubleshooting refer to the following endpoint:
This endpoint will show you all the blocks for a given date range. Available times are created from any unblocked time periods.

See more information at Availability Overview

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