Reschedule an appointment

This end point reschedules a booking. Only appointments in a "BK" booked status can be rescheduled.
Past dated appointments cannot be rescheduled.

REQUIRED : A valid appointment id is required. Use the appointmentId returned from GET /consumer/v1/appointments.

REQUIRED : StartDateTime and EndDateTime are required. Use the ISO 8601 format for DateTime Timezone. e.g. 2016-10-30T09:00:00-5:00

The serviceId is optional. If you want your users to change the service on a reschedule, include the new serviceId in the put. The new serviceId's StartDateTime and EndDateTime must match the original service's duration.

You cannot reschedule an appointment to a different location. You can cancel and reschedule to a different location.

For more information see Appointment Overview

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