Reschedule Appointment

Use this endpoint to Reschedule an appointment booking. Only appointments in "BK", booked status, can be Rescheduled. Past dated appointments cannot be rescheduled. A valid appointment id is required.

The StartDateTime and EndDateTime are required. Use the ISO 8601 format for DateTime Timezone, e.g., 2016-10-30T09:00:00-5:00.

The serviceId is optional. If changing the serviceId, the new service id's duration must match the original service's duration.

The resourceId is optional. If changing the resourceId, verify the availability of the new resource prior to rescheduling.

IMPORTANT: Always run availability before rescheduling an appointment to verify the timeslot is open and available for the new time, service and/or resource requested. This is the only way to assure the slot is available. You cannot reschedule an appointment to a different location. If necessary, you should cancel and then book an appointment in the other location.

For more information: Appointment Overview

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