Create Locations Bulk

Use this endpoint to Bulk Create new business locations. The incoming list of
locations cannot exceed 100 location objects for performance purposes.

Each location object may consist of:
Name: The Name of the location.
AdminName: The Name of the location admin.
AdminEmail: The email address of the location admin.
TimezoneName: The IANA formatted name of the locations timezone.
FriendlyId: A friendly id to use to refer to the location.
Address: The physical address of the location.
BusinessHours: The hours of operation of the location.
Settings: Additional location options that can affect things like
the book ahead restrictions, customer bookings per day, etc.

Appointment Reminders

Reminder values are used to define how many hours, days or weeks (interval value) prior to the appointment to send the reminder.

Interval values used to define the reminder interval: 1 = Hours, 2 = Days and 3 = Weeks

"emailFirstReminder": 1, "emailFirstReminderInterval": 2 - results in the first reminder being sent 1 Day before the appointment time.
"emailSecondReminder": 1, "emailSecondReminderInterval": 1 - results in the second reminder being sent 1 Hour before the appointment time.

IMPORTANT DEPRECATION NOTICE: The following online settings parameters were intended for internal use in our Portal application only.
They will be deprecated on OCTOBER 15, 2022.

The fields are currently part of the SETTINGS object in all location endpoints:
businessId, enabled, familyMembersEnabled, serviceLabel, resourceLabel, resourceAnyLabel,
resourceSelection, liveMode, formFlow, availabilityForm, showServiceGroups, showOnSchedLogo, showBusinessLogo,
disableAuthorization, hideNavBar, hideLocationNav, hideServiceGroupsNav, hideServicesNav, hideContinueBooking,
returnToService, returnToAvailability, hideBreadCrumbNav.

If you are using these fields for any reason, please adjust your code to handle the deprecation.
or let us know by submitting a ticket to: [email protected] as soon as possible as we do not want to interrupt your existing workflows.

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