Update Reminders

Use this endpoint to Update Email and SMS appointment reminder settings for the requested location. A valid business location id is required.

Appointment Reminders Reminder values are used to define how many hours, days, or weeks (interval value) prior to the appointment to send the reminder. Interval values are used to define the reminder interval: 1 = Hours, 2 = Days and 3 = Weeks. The reminder fields are numbers. If you are using the hours interval, use a number from 1 to 24.

Example 1: emailFirstReminder: 1, emailFirstReminderInterval: 2 - results in 1st reminder being sent 1 Day before the appointment time.

Example 2: emailSecondReminder: 3, emailSecondReminderInterval: 1 - results in 2nd reminder being sent 3 Hours before the appointment time.

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