Returns an appointment object

This end point completes a new reservation. Only appointments in the "IN" initial status can be booked.
by saving all the relevant details of the booking.

NOTE - appointment reservations are different than appointment bookings. Reservations are a two step booking process.
An appointment is reserved but may not be completed as a booking until other business conditions have been met. For example
an appointment may be reserved that is not yet assigned to a resource.

NOTE 2 - this endpoint is new as of April 21, 2019. OnSched will be adding a new Email template for appointment reservations expected by the end of April.
This will allow you to notify your customer of a reservation versus a booking and customize if required to indicate what conditions will the reservation
become a booking.

A valid appointment id is required. Use the appointmentId returned from POST /consumer/v1/appointments.

To update appointment custom field values, use the GET /consumer/v1/appointments/customfields information.
to understand your definitions of custom fields and what key and values to update.

See more information at Appointments Overview

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