Reserve Appointment

Use this endpoint to Reserve an appointment. Only appointments with an "IN" status, Initial, can be reserved. A valid appointment id is required. Use the appointment id returned from the initial POST /consumer/v1/appointments endpoint.

NOTE: Reservations are different from Bookings as reservations are a two-step booking process that must be managed by the API consumer. An appointment that is reserved is not completely booked until other business conditions have been met. For example, an appointment may be reserved if it is not yet assigned to a resource or until the customer or resource explicitly confirms it.

With reservations you have the ability to notify the customer of a reservation prior to officially booking and the workflow can be designed to indicate what conditions will need to be met in order to convert the reservation to a complete booking. A reservation converts to a complete booking when it is either Confirmed or Booked.

IMPORTANT: A reserved appointment time will not be released, i.e., become available to others, until it is Cancelled. The booking timer is not used with reserved appointments.

For more information: Appointments Overview

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