Returns a list of customer booking limits.

The result returned is list of limit rules as defined by the subscribed customer plan along with Booking Counts/Minutes
The results indicate the remaining bookings count / minutes. Use the results in your app to determine if the customer should continue booking.
You can enforce Limits in periods: Daily,Weekly,Monthly and for maximum total limits. Maximum total limits is based on six months prior to
the DateTimeTz and six months after the DateTimeTz. Daily, Weekly and Monthly limits are based on the calculated period relative to the
subscription plan start. Daily,Weekly and Monthly limits can be setup on a per interval basis e.g. to biweekly, or daily every 10 days.
See customer plans setup in the Portal for more information.
All parameters are required. If resourceId is not applicable for a non-resource calendar, pass zero.
Format of the dateTimeTz field is 2018-10-30T10:00-5:00

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