Sept 4, 2021 - Production API Release (.Net 5.0)

Major Change Notification - OnSched API on .Net 5.0

This release marks a major milestone for the OnSched API. Today we have pushed the long awaited upgrade of our production API to .Net 5.0. We are hopeful that this release may provide minor performance improvements, but it is primarily intended to make additional performance improvements possible in the coming weeks.

Overall, this change is intended to make no additional changes with regards to the release of Aug 11, 2021, and is intended to be transparent to you, the user. This release does provide some roll-up fixes for bugs we encountered when releasing .Net 5.0 to the Sandbox environment. These fixes are listed below for convenience:

  • Fixed issue where custom field names in Appointments endpoints response was capitalized
  • Fixed error where POST /setup/v1/resources/{id}/services would throwing 500 error
  • Fixed error where POST /setup/v1/company would throw 500 error
  • Added distance scope to Swagger UI
  • Fixed issue where PUT /setup/v1/resources would wipe out linked resourceServices
  • Fixed issue where PUT/POST /setup/v1/locations would result in isOpen: true, when the value submitted was false
  • Fixed issues with Swagger schemas not displaying and request bodies not displaying
  • Fixed issue where Swagger response body persisted between subsequent requests
  • Fixed validation error BOOKING-131 which showed up in case Daily Customer Booking Limit is exceeded. It was throwing unrelated values in the Validation Error Message
  • Fixed an issue with GET /setup/businessUsers/{email}/companies endpoint, which was causing an error with OnSched Dashboard. The bug returned duplicate results after the .NET 5.0 upgrade
  • Fixed GET /setup/v1/locations/{id}/services endpoint which returned 500 error when trying to associate services to locations via POST