March 6, 2022 - v2022.4

  • Issue #432: Correct issue where appointment response did not correctly display the booked timezone offset
  • Issue #587: Update content of BOOKING-408 error to include the group size requested and the group size allowed
  • Issue #609: Update GET /consumer/v1/locations/{id} to correctly display value of bookingTimerMinutes
  • Issue #913: Allow serviceAllocations to set bookingLimit to 0 in PUT /setup/v1/services/serviceAllocaitons/{id}
  • Issue #948: Update PUT /consumer/v1/appointments/{id}/reschedule to properly handle multi-resource appointment rescheduling
  • Issue #985: Default calendar availability to 24x7 if no availability data supplied to POST /setup/v1/calendars
  • Issue #1030: Modify all calls to AddException to use keyword parameters to disambiguate overloaded methods
  • Issue #1072: Update simple availability checking to properly handle existing appointments that span across midnight