Jan 7, 2022 - Sandbox API Release

We have added resource allocation functionality to the API endpoints and to the availability functionality.

A resource can be set up with availability using Weekly Hours, this is where they set up the start and end time for their entire week, weekdays for a 7 day week. This was the only method prior to this release.  We have now added the functionality for a resource to use Allocations if that makes more sense for their availability scenario, ie: a Resource Allocation.  

Resource allocations allow you specify when a resource is available by specifying  date ranges, specific times for specific days or multiple times in one day.  If you have been waiting for a way to make yourself available with one schedule one week, and another the following week, setting up a resource allocation is the answer.

In our last release we referenced a new field called recurringAvailability, if recurringAvailability = true, the API uses the Weekly Hours and if recurringAvailability = false, the API uses the new Allocations functionality.  This is an either/or selection.  You can not used weekly hours and allocations.  recurringAvailablity = true will be set by default on newly created resources, unless set to false.

This variable is set in the POST Resource and the PUT Resource endpoints

POST /setup​/v1​/resources
PUT ​/setup​/v1​/resources​/{id}

When you define this setting the resource is created and by default it has no resource allocations associated with it.  So out of the box, that resource has no availability, until you add some allocations. 

This is done by calling:

POST /setup​/v1​/resources​/{id}​/allocations

There are also associated GET, PUT and DELETE endpoints available.

Though some of this functionality has been released in prior releases the big improvement to this release is that is has been added to the GET availability functionality.  If your resource uses Resource Allocations the associated Availability and Unavailability calls should now reflect the allocations availability accordingly.

This is a big change and we encourage all customers to test it out availability in the sandbox environment to make sure their use cases are being handles properly.  And of course, please submit any issues to our support channel.

Lastly, this is currently working for Services that are of Appointment type only  We will be working on Event type services in the next phase.