Dec 3, 2021 - Production API Release

  • Add validation for name length on POST/PUT /setup/v1/locations endpoints to prevent
    500 error. Now limits name to 50 chars
  • Fix issue with using offset on GET /consumer/v1/locations, GET /setup/v1/locations,
    and GET /setup/v1/locations/{id}/services
  • Enforces limits on GET endpoints which return collections, as defined in the endpoint
    documentation. In most cases the limit is 100, with GET /consumer/v1/services being
    an exception.
  • Added length validation to phone number input to prevent numbers being truncated by our database. Phone numbers must be a minimum of 7 characters with a maximum of 15 characters. Our API does not validate the spacing or characters used in the phone field. We recommend that you only post the numbers in the phone field and manage the formatting of it within your application. The assumption is that formatting is handled by the consumer of the API.
  • Add recurringAvailability parameter to Resources response and input options. Defaults to true when not supplied
  • Add fix for Availability bug, which could occasionally occur, when calling with dates spanning from Dec 31 to Jan 1
  • Update lastModifiedOn of old appointment and createDate of new appointment when rescheduling