Aug 18, 2021 - Sandbox API Release (.Net 5.0)

Major Change Notification - OnSched API on .Net 5.0

This release marks a major milestone for the OnSched API.  Today we have pushed the long awaited upgrade of our API to .Net 5.0.  This change is intended to make no additional changes with regards to the release of Aug 4, 2021, and is intended to be transparent to you, the user.  We are hopeful that this release may provide minor performance improvements, but it is primarily intended to make additional performance improvements possible in the coming weeks.

We would invite all of our customers to heavily test this release and help us root out any bugs that may exist.  Our plan is to leave this release in Sandbox until at least Aug 31, 2021 while we intensively test for any existing bugs, and respond to those found by customers.